Colored glazing glass

Colored glazing glass Colored glazing glassColored glazing glassColored glazing glass
  1. Detailed information

The colored glazing glass can have various colors of patterns or graphics through printing one or more layers of inorganic glaze (also known as ink) in the glass surface by silk-screen printing or roller printing technology, and then heating, baking, tempered or semi-tempered treatment, the glaze will permanently be sintered to the glass surface to form a wear-resistant and acid and alkali resistant decorative material.

●Production specification:

◆Producing thickness: 3mm~19mm

◆Maximum size: 2200mm*3850mm

●Annual production capacity



◆various colors and patterns (can be made as customer requirement); stable and not fade; outstanding decorative effect.

◆strength is increased through toughening treatment; high safety.

◆can also be processed with being coated, laminated, synthetic hollow and other composite processing in order to get multiple performance.


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