Tempered glass

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  1. Detailed information

The tempered glass means that its internal molecular structure changes dramatically through high temperature (650 ℃, began to soften) and quenching, and thus forming a surface with strong uniform compressive stress in interior, and the mechanical strength of glass is increased in several times. 

●Definition of semi-tempered glass

The machining principle of semi-tempered glass is similar with tempered glass. The heating temperature is about 650℃ (less than the heating temperature of tempered glass), and the cooling speed is slow. The strength of the semi-tempered glass is lower than tempered glass and is about twice that of ordinary glass. However, the broken piece is large when it is broken and similar to annealed glass, and it cannot be used as safety glass. Compared to tempered glass, the flexibility of the semi-tempered glass is smaller, and its thermal stability is better than that of annealed glass.

●Flat tempered specifications

◆Production thickness: 3mm-25mm

◆Minimum production size: 300mm*300mm

◆Maximum production size: 2400mm*7500mm


The annual capacity is 10,000,000m2; it is one of the largest processing enterprises in China.

●Scope of application

◆Tempered glass is a kind of safety glass and widely used in places where have higher requirements for mechanical strength and safety, such as shower room, glass door, curtain wall, facade window, indoor partition, furniture, partition which is close to heat source or suffers more strong cold and hot shock.

◆Semi-tempered glass has no disadvantage of spontaneous explosion and widely used in glass curtain wall, greenhouse, heated housing, partition and decoration industry.

●Product certification

◆National "3C" compulsory certification

◆AS/NZS2208 certification

◆EU EN12150 certification

◆US ANSIZ97.1 certification

◆SGCC certification


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