Green mirror:

Green mirror: Green mirror:Green mirror:Green mirror:Green mirror:Green mirror:Green mirror:Green mirror:
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The high-quality float glass surface is plated with a layer of silver film (be treated with special processing) via chemistry deposition method, and then the silver layer is plated with a layer of other special metal film (used to instead of the traditional silver mirror copper film) as the adhesive layer, and finally spray two layers of protective paint (have different properties) on the surface of the metal film as the protection treatment of the non-bronze mirror.

The back paint (lead-free) is used in non-bronze mirror and can produce high-grade copper and lead-free mirror.


1. After edge polishing, the edge anti-oxygenic property of the non-bronze mirror is 3 times than that of ordinary silver mirror.

2. Copper and lead-free mirror (lead content is less than 40ppm)

3. No copper or lead, green and environmental protection


1.High-grade bathroom mirror, furniture mirror, interior mirror

2. Automobile rearview mirror, back-up mirror


Silver mirror thickness: 2~8mm

Maximum size: 2440 x 3660mm



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