Ultra-white float glass

Ultra-white float glass Ultra-white float glassUltra-white float glass
  1. Detailed information

Ultra-white float glass is a highly transparent glass and is also called low iron glass or ultra white glass. It is a high-quality, multi-functional new high-grade glass, and its light transmission rate is above 91%, with crystal clear and elegant features.

Application: ultra-white conductive film substrate glass of solar thin film cell, interior and exterior decorations (partitions, doors, windows, curtain walls, stairs, high-grade silver mirror, etc) of advanced buildings, display cabinets, appliances, lighting, mosaic products, glass furniture and sanitary series.

Thickness: 2.0-19.0mm

Maximum wide: 3660mm

浮法玻璃应用广泛,分为着色玻璃、浮法银镜、浮法玻璃/汽车挡风级、浮法玻璃/各类深加工级、浮法玻璃/扫描仪级、浮法玻璃/镀膜级、浮法玻璃/制镜级。 其中超白浮法玻璃具有广泛的用途及广阔的市场前景,主要应用在高档建筑、高档玻璃加工和太阳能光电幕墙领域以及高档玻璃家具、装饰用玻璃、仿水晶制品、灯具玻璃、精密电子行业、特种 建筑等。

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