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Back glass is mainly used for Glass to Glass solar modules, it is further processed (edge grinding, hole drilling and tempering) by using the normal float glass as the substrate. Compared with conventional back sheet (TPT), back glass has an excellent durability performance. By using advanced equipment, FGG can provide back glass with highest process precision and big capacity.

太阳能光伏玻璃是一种通过层压入太阳能电池,能够利用太阳辐射发电,并具有相关电流引出装置以及电缆的特种玻璃。它是由低铁玻璃、太阳能电池片、胶片、背面玻璃、特殊金属导线组成, 将太阳能电池片通过胶片密封在一片低铁玻璃和一片背面玻璃的中间,是一种最新颖的建筑用高科技玻璃产品。

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